"What does DOP mean?" DOP. Denominazione d'Origine Protetta | Protected Designation of Origin. The DOP label guarantees that your favorite cheese, prosciutto, olive oil, etc., is produced, processed, and packaged in a specific geographical zone and according to tradition.


"What does IGP mean?" IGP Indicazione Geografica Protetta (Indication of Geographic Protection) The IGP label shows that the quality or reputation of your food or condiment is linked to the place or region where it is produced, processed, or prepared.


To summarise: We use exclusively certified italian products


Vgt: Vegetarian Option | Vgn: Vegan Option


A colourful and delicate way to set the mood. We recommend sharing different starters.

Piatti di Salumi

Selection of our delicate hams and charcuterie

115,00 DKK

Bruschetta Pomodoro 

Our homemade toasted bread, with fresh chopped tomatoes & DOP Parmesan (VGN)

95,00 DKK

Insalata caprese

DOP Buffalo mozzarella,

fresh tomatoes & basil (VGT)

115,00 DKK

Insalata mista

Mixed salad with marinated and grilled vegetables (VGN)

85,00 DKK

Guazzetto di Gamberi

Sautéed tiger prawns with tomato sauce, chili, taggiasche olives & silver onions

115,00 DKK

Carpaccio di Manzo

Thin sliced raw beef thigh, topped with trufle oil, rucola & DOP Parmesan

115,00 DKK


Pizza Donatello

Mozzarella, tomato sauce & ham
90,00 DKK

Pizza Michelangelo

Mozzarella & tomato sauce
90,00 DKK

Pizza Leonardo

Mozzarella, tomato sauce & spicy salami
90,00 DKK

Pasta Topolino

Homemade pasta with ragout
85,00 DKK

Pasta Jiminy

Homemade pasta with tomatsauce
80,00 DKK

Pizza Nutella

Small calzone pizza with Nutella & mascarpone
85,00 DKK


2 scoops of sorbet with whipped cream
50,00 DKK


homemade Tiramisu

“pick me up”

Classic italian dessert. A flavourful experience of cocoa, espresso, mascarpone, ladyfingers & marsala.

65,00 DKK

homemade Panna cotta

Classic italian vanilla dessert

65,00 DKK


2 scoops of sorbet with whipped cream

65,00 DKK


Refreshing lemon sorbet with a hit of vodka

65,00 DKK

Pizza Nutella

Small calzone pizza with Nutella & mascarpone

80,00 DKK

contains egg

gnocchi con Stufato

Fresh Gnocchi & our 8 hour cooked beef ragout

130,00 DKK

Fettuccine alle verdure

Homemade fettuccine with pepper, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, butter & DOP Parmesan (VGT)

135,00 DKK

Fettuccine CREMOSA

Homemade fettuccine with Salsiccia, DOP Gorgonzola & Truffle oil

145,00 DKK

Fettuccine Nere

Homemade black fettuccine with tiger prawns, spring onions, chili, Taggiasche olives & tomato sauce

160,00 DKK

Fettuccine carbonara

Homemade fettuccine, Guanciale, Egg yolk & DOP Parmesan

140,00 DKK

Gnocchi Salsiccia

Fresh Gnocchi, Salsiccia, Asparagus, Mushrooms and Cherry tomatoes

145,00 DKK


200g fresh raviolonis with fresh mushrooms and truffle, served with a butter & DOP Parmesan sauce

140,00 DKK



contains onions, DOP Parmesan & butter

Risotto ai Funghi

Fresh mixed mushrooms & truffle oil (VGN)

145,00 DKK

Risotto Nero

Tiger prawns, 125g salmon filet & squid ink
160,00 DKK

Risotto Zafferano

Tiger prawns, asparagus, saffron & lemon (VGN)
155,00 DKK


 glutenfree- served with our mixed salad and potatoes

Fish of the day

250g stone oven baked salmon filet, mussels & dill cream

230,00 DKK

Guazzetto Reale

125g stone oven baked salmon filet, tiger prawns, mussels, chili, olives, silver onions & tomato sauce 

220,00 DKK

Costolette di Agnello

250g Stone oven baked lamb chops with rosmary and lemon

240,00 DKK


Tomatsauce & mozzarella på alle pizzaer


DOP Buffalo mozzarella, basil, cherry tomatoes & olive oil (VGT)

125,00 DKK


DOP Parma ham, rucola & DOP Parmesan

140,00 DKK


Spicy Ventricina salami

135,00 DKK


without tomato sauce

Mozzarella, carpaccio, mushrooms, rucola, DOP Parmesan & truffle oil

145,00 DKK


without tomato sauce

Fresh mushrooms, Salsiccia, Broccoli & DOP Buffalo mozzarella

135,00 DKK


Ham, spicy Ventricina salami & guanciale

145,00 DKK


Ham & mushrooms

135,00 DKK


Spicu Ventricina salami, DOP Gorgonzola & chili

140,00 DKK

4 Formaggi

DOP Cheeses - Buffalo mozzarella, Parmesan, Gorgonzola & Taleggio (VGT)

140,00 DKK

4 Stagioni

Ham, artichokes, mushrooms & Taggiasche olives

135,00 DKK


Tiger prawns, rucola, asparagus,
cherry tomatoes & DOP Parmesan (VGT)

145,00 DKK


Grilled peppers, DOP Buffalo mozzarella, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, rucola (VGN)

140,00 DKK


Cherry tomatoes, Peppers, Broccoli & DOP Taleggio (VGN)

135,00 DKK